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The AI Battleground in Photographic Editing

Whenever someone has said to me, “You can just photoshop that, can’t you?” I have to restrain myself from warmly shaking them by their throat. The implication of this statement is that photographic editing is a breeze and therefore my time is inexpensive.

Life after COVID-19: a reputational reckoning is coming

Just a few short weeks ago we were asking each other to “be kind”, like it was a new concept for the social media age. And in some ways it was, with the days where “we could leave our doors unlocked, neighbours would help one another and kids could...

Values-Based Consumerism and The Circular Economy

Having spent the best part of two decades partnering on product marketing campaigns for brands like New Balance, ECCO and even those funky Croslite™ resin Crocs that everyone loves to hate, it’s been interesting to see how the footwear and sports apparel sector has responded to the growing consumer...