23 April 2020

Meet Mixology’s Founding Floofs


by Jenna Keighley

We all know that having some furry co-workers can do wonders for team morale, as well as our mental and physical health, and even productivity (although some cat owners may disagree). When we decided to build Mixology, it was important for us to rope in as much help as we could get – including our fluffy sidekicks.

Here’s what they bring to the mix…

Stanley (Beagle) and Marley (Labrador)

Role: The Chief Executive Sounding Board 

Andrew says, “We live in a very rural area and walking the dogs each day is where I tend to do my best thinking. I can zone out and enjoy the countryside, try to stop either dog from rolling in something unmentionable and talk through my ideas with them as we go. Usually, by the time we get home, I’m ready to start my day; my thoughts are in some semblance of order and I can start firing emails and jumping on calls from a state of energised organisation.”

Keiko (Eurasier) and Tigo (British shorthair) 

Role: Gadget Procurement and Testing 

Jenna says, “To say that Keiko’s a flight risk if he sees something he can chase would be an understatement. However, it’s been the perfect excuse to indulge in a bit of gadget geekery and the Tractive GPS tracker lets me see exactly where he is (usually the other side of the field) as well as the exact moment that he loses his target. Tigo sees my gadgets and likes to test how robust they are (usually by sitting or drooling on them). He’s a bit judgemental when he comes to check on my work and will attack the screen if he sees I’m on Facebook so he keeps me on task!”

Bentley (Shih-tzu) 

Role: Healthy Balance Officer 

Chenal says, “Bentley is a puppy with a big personality and wants to ensure that I have a healthy work/life balance. He demands I take breaks from work to play and if he sees me sitting still for too long he will nip at my ankles to get me moving again. He also helps me prepare for crisis scenarios at work by running drills where he makes my adrenaline spike – usually by hoovering up something he shouldn’t be eating when we’re out for a walk. Thanks to his training, I’m ready for anything.”