Christine Horton

Editorial Specialist

I write about technology from a business perspective. That means I don’t go in-depth into the feeds and speeds of the latest products, rather I focus on how specific technologies can benefit organisations. From an IT channel perspective, how partners grow their businesses and tap into lucrative new revenue streams through technology? For end users, how can technology adoption – and new consumption methods – help them achieve their business outcomes?

This is because selling technology is now a business conversation. You’re not necessarily selling into the IT department – today technology purchasing decisions are as likely to come from the CFO, CMO or any line of business manager within an organisation. Jargon and acronyms need to be left at the door while you have a conversation about the operational benefits that technology can provide. A specialist in the IT sales channel, I also write about market trends and drivers, with a focus on cloud strategies, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI) and enterprise software.

A regular contributor to ERP Today, Food & Farming Technology, Raconteur reports and Raconteur for The Times and Sunday Times; I am also editor of Think Digital Partners, which specialises in digital identity and cybersecurity, with a focus on government and public sector. In addition, I write and edit broader IT and cloud-focused news, features, case studies, blogs and corporate literature.


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