Mark Johnson

Editorial Specialist

I’m a copywriter with a strong track record in business journalism and creative copywriting.

Ever since counting 50 different species in a single metre of hedge in Devon during my youth, nature and landscapes of all kinds have fascinated me.

Since 2003, I’ve worked with world-leading scientific R&D companies as well as agribusiness disruptor start-ups, helping them to craft their stories. So I’m just as comfortable interviewing a research chemist about a breakthrough molecule as I am working with an engineer to craft a communication about a new precision application technology. These are just two of the topics I’ve written about for intranet news stories, speeches for global leaders, exhibition stands for global leadership forums, posters, banners and websites for international photographic competitions, award entries, corporate websites, product brochures, case studies and video scripts.

I have also created content on topics as diverse as: using artificial intelligence in chemicals research; gene editing; seed treatment; crop protection innovations at all stages of the product lifecycle; smallholder farming; abiotic stress management in crops; the use of biologicals; integrated pest management; product stewardship; field trials; large-scale portfolio management projects; food chain issues; agronomy; soil management; and horticulture, to name a few. 

Agritech, I believe, can work with nature to deliver our dreams of more productive, beneficial and – yes – beautiful landscapes. And well-crafted communication in a tone that resonates with its intended audience is an indispensable part of ensuring these technologies are accepted, adopted and thrive. 


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