I’m a strategic leader who has owned and led several high-growth and networked marketing communications consultancies across Europe and Asia.

I’m a life-long techie who thrives on working with brands that want to build sustainable businesses and improve people’s lives.

I am a chartered accountant with 30+ years of experience providing financial and commercial counsel to a range of companies.

I am an agency marketing and business development professional who has held key roles within, and built strong partnership networks across, design, branding and marketing agencies around the world.

I’m a copywriter with a strong track record in business journalism and creative copywriting.

Ever since counting 50 different species in a single metre of hedge in Devon during my youth, nature and landscapes of all kinds have fascinated me.

First and foremost a storyteller, I shine when working with brands that want to change the world and enrich our lives. I have deep experience in driving strategic integrated communications campaigns that deliver tangible results for both multinationals and start-ups.

I write about technology from a business perspective. That means I don’t go in-depth into the feeds and speeds of the latest products, rather I focus on how specific technologies can benefit organisations.

I love writing with persuasive and powerful words that can trigger an emotional response, stimulate a shift in behaviour and allow an individual to see life through another person’s eyes.